Airbrush The Magazine 100 Artist Special 2019 Issue #2
This issue celebrates the art of airbrushing, to create a little excitement in the airbrush community. it will showcase the artwork of 100 airbrush artist of all skill levels from all over the world. Airbrush The Magazine publishes this special issue twice per year.

This issue will be available in perfect bound (like a paper book) and free digital format (released two weeks after the release of printed format). Publishing projected date Nov. 2019.

Below is a list of artists under consideration for inclusion as of Sept.
28th, 2019. Until the issue goes to the printer we can not say or sure who is included. Unforunarely we learned from Special issue #1 not to announce this until it is 100% comlpeted ready for the printer.

We have extended the date to get your enter in until Oct.20th…post your enter on the magazine facebook page..

Thomas Olczyk
Catia Trovarelli
Lubos Pirek
Alan Pastrana
Jonathan Thomson
Marget Howard
Dean Miller
Terry Stephens, Kiwi Terry
Gabriel Frias
Bobby Johnson
Pascal Granger
Nixa Caro
Paul Butvila
Chad Kidder
Sebastian Arenas
Michael Winn
Andy Caddick
Tommy Hamm
Jarosław Bytow

Paul MacDonald
Nadia Balzer
Jim Hetzler
Adriano Averbe
Siliva Jennings Kutzner
Maciej Ksiazek
Joseph Gonzalez
Ralph van Brunschot
Michael Wolf
Catherine Thompson
Carmen Vogt

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Thanks to our sponsors for this special issue:,, If your company or service is interested in helping to sponsor this issue please call 1-352-361-3403 for details.