What is it?
Airbrush The Magazine 100 Artists Special #2 is to celebrate the art of airbrushing, custom painting. To publish the artwork of 100 different artists from all over the world of all different skill levels from professionals to hobbyists.
To bring some positives vibes to the airbrush, custom painting community. To show we can celebrate each other’s success and growth as artists. Expose the world to the great artwork that can be created using an airbrush, striping brush, spray gun. Hopefully, by doing so we bring new people into our art forms.
What it is not!
Airbrush The Magazine is in no way trying to rate one artist as being better than another artist. It is not intended to be a list of who the magazine believes to be the best or top 100 artists. That is way above our pay grade and we leave that up to you to judge. It is not a contest either it is as we stated above to bring new people into our art forms.

Below is a complete list of artists included in this special issue.

We do this again in April 2020 and hope to see you taking part.

#1  – Catherine Thompson – Pete Sintes -Chad Kidder – Margret Howard

Tommy Hamm

#2 –  Rob Van Dijk – Nadia Balzer –  Jonathan Thomson

Maciej Ksiazek – Sebastian Arenas

#3 – Guest Artist – Thomas Olczyk

#4 –  Carmen Vogt – Bobby Johnson –

Clayton Dunford – Ralph Van Brunschot

Catia Trovarelli

#5 –  Gerhard Eujen – Adriano Ayerbe

Monika Siewert Bytow – Sema Cohen

Michael Winn

#6 –  Silvia Jennings Kutzner – Michael Wolf – Neimar L. DuArte

Jason Brookshire- Jarosław Bytow

#7 –  Dean Miller – Gabriel Frias

Jim Hetzler – Ella Osinka

#8 – Matt Hutcheson  – Joseph Gonzalez

Paul McDonald – Gaston Graf

#9 –  Igor and Aleksandra Amidzic

Angel Silva and Tim Randall -Anel Ceric

#10 –  Randy Schroeder – Chris MacMahan  – Paul Butvila – Daniel Stenger – Dan Daigle

#11 –  Chipman Quinn – Roger Thomasson – Lian Buscampell

Jordon Bourgeault  – Steve Johnson

#12 –  Guest Artist    Steve Leahy

#14 –  Walter Cueto – Carina Konrath

Rafa Garcia-Cano – Gerhard Eujen

Scott Zimmerman

#16 –  Chris Scura – Tim Dubreuil

Steve Gathercole – Ronny Amese

Nixa Caro

#17 – Christian Poncet – Bob Keeling

Juanjo Barón – Jamie Goodhew

Nicole Cucca

#18 –  Tim Scoggins – Maryellen Vettori

Rene Garcia – Bruce Hutkoski

Dennis D-Dog Price

#19 –   Guest Artist – Marcus Eisenhuth

#20 –  Zack O’Donald – Andrzej Kuciarski

Ralph Van Brunschot – Christian Lachance  – Timothy John Luke Smith

#21- Kirby Minosky – Ren Hendricks Reyes – Sheena Mantooth – Hal Loo

Patrice Salé

#22- Jeff Simon – Thomas Andreasen

Larry Joly – Jason Livery – Jamie Sinclair

#23-  Guest Artist – Alan Pastrana

#24- Steve Nielsen – Michele Roe

#25- Guest Artist – Steve Stritenberger

#26- Natasha Ponomareva – Eric Puglia

Stephen Robson – Robert Kaufman

William Christman

#27- Guest Artist Tim Lowery

#28- Guest Artist Rob Churchill

#29- Hayden Luff – Pascal Granger

Mike O’Brien – Przemek Drozd

Ron Jordan

#30- Guest Artist Martin Bouchard

#32- Guest Artist Ron Gibbs, Rob Howell

#33- Guest Artist Terry Stephens

#34- Ryan Litjen – Mike Royall

A.G. Kooman – Sandtra Goggins

Kelly Heuss

#35 – Byron Lawrence – Nathan Curry

Kevin Kegler – Matt Hutcheson

special issue cover