Airbrush The Magazine is what I call a working artists magazine. If you remember the old Airbrush Action magazine and how it was an excellent publication that not only promoted airbrushing and associated arts but was a great teaching tool. That is what Airbrush The Magazine is fashioned after.
I published over 56 issues of Airbrush Technique Magazine before selling it to the owner of Airbrush Action. So I have a long history of publishing art magazines. This is my personal Facebook page: I still go to the shop every day and airbrush; that is how I make my living as a working airbrush artist.

As of 2023 I have published over 80 issues of  an art magazine both in print and digital formats.

My goal is to provide you with more helpful content over advertising pages. We have some great partner sponsors that allow me to do just that. My secondary goal is to keep an airbrush magazine published in America. With your subscription, you will receive six issues of the magazine. I try to stay on schedule bi-monthly but realize I do this all by myself.

I hope you will give Airbrush The Magazine a try. I will do all I can not to disappoint you.

Don Johnson

Artist Don Johnson