About Airbrush The Magazine

Airbrush The Magazine mission is “To preserve and promote airbrushing and painting” thru the articles we publish, artists video interviews and social media.

Airbrush The Magazine is a full-color glossy magazine, available both in print and digital formats for artists who create their artwork with an airbrush, pinstriping brush or spray gun.


For years (54 issues) I published Airbrush Technique Magazine a print and digital format magazine. We have very strick requirements of the artist we publish. All have many years of airbrushing experiance and are professional airbrush artist. Many own airbrush schools and are experianced instructors.

I still believe there is a place in the magazine world for a pure airbrush and custom painting magazine. With the ending of Airbrush Action Magazine that left no airbrush magazine left in North America so, in 2019, we started this new magazine Airbrush The Magazine.

Airbrush The Magazine is a  bi-monthly magazine sold in printed format and digital format thru Magzter

Don Johnson artist/publisher

Beata Poziomek – artist/ head of magazine in Europe and graphic design.



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Where can you purchase the magazine? 

Each issue will be listed on this web site.

The printed format of the magazine is available in our shop to SUBSCRIBE to or order single issues, back issues.


Are available in our shop SUBSCRIBE


If you would like to see Airbrush The Magazine in your store please contact us airbrushmag@gmail.com


The digital format is available thru MAGZTER you can subscribe to the digital format for less then $30.00 a year no matter where in the world you live.