Become A Sponor Airbrush The Magazine

Airbrush The Magazine is a full-color glossy magazine, available both in print and digital formats for artists who create their artwork with an airbrush, pinstriping brush or spray gun.

We are limited in the ad space available in each issue which allows us the opportunity to work closely with our advertising partners.

Your company or service needs to be placing your products and services in front of artists who need them and will purchase them. Show your support for the magazine that publishes your customer’s artwork by helping sponsor the magazine.

Your support will allow us to keep publishing your customers “How To” articles, artist bios, showcase their artwork, publish our video interviews with artists, provide the digital format of the magazine thru Magzter.

***No longer can sponsors look to the traditional way of return on investment- a number of issues sold. Social media influences this more than ever and we work very hard with our social media effort to promote our sponsors. The other factor is the goodwill you create in the airbrush, custom painting community by supporting the magazine that publishes your customer’s stories and artwork. You help us provide to the airbrush, custom painting community the services we try and provide them with our Facebook pages, open Facebook groups. Facebook pages and groups –  Live Art, Workshops and airbrush Kustom painting School group, Airbrush The magazine gallery group . Our Instagram page where we share with you new as well as older established airbrush artists, custom painters artwork, and news. @airbrushthemagazine. And the magazine Facebook page HERE

It is all about the art after all.

Airbrush The Magazine can help drive customers directly to your website or service.

Please contact Don Johnson 1-352-361-3403  or by e-mail for info on becoming a sponsor or any questions you might have about the application to sponsor Airbrush The Magazine.

*The inside cover, back cover are taken for the 2019 already.


SIZES -POSITIONS X1 x3 per issue paid in full X6 per issue paid in full.
Back Cover 1x – $1000 3x- $850 6x – $800
Inside Front Cover 1x – $1000 3x – $850 6x – $800
Full Page Inside 1x – $1000 3x – $850 6x – $800
Half Page 1x – $450 3x – $400 6x – $350
Quarter Page 1x – $350 3x – $300 6x – $275
1/8 Page 1x – $100 3x – $90 6x – $80
1/16 Page 1x – $70 3x – $60 6x – $50

Classified Ads 6 lines,  2 inches by 4 inches of text about your product or service. $75.00 per issue.

Ad Spec’s

Full page – 8.6 by 11.50 inches, safe zone 7.75 by 10.25
1/2 page portrait – 3.5 by 11 inches
1/2 page landscape – 7.25 by 5.25inches
1/4 page portrait – 3.5 by 5.25 inches
1/4 page landscape – 7.25 by 2.5 inches
1/8 page – 3.5 by 2.5 inches
1/16 th page – 2 by 2.5 inches

Jan/Feb 2020 Jan. 15th 2020
March/April 2020 March 15th 2020
May/June 2020 May 15th 2020
July/Aug 2020 July 15th 2020
Sept/Oct 2020 Sept 15th 2020
Nov./Dec. 2020 Nov 15th 2020

Ad Deadlines For 2020

Jan/ Feb issue    —– January 1st, 2020

March/April  issue——— March 1st, 2020

May/June issue ———- June 1st, 2020

July/Aug issue ———- July 1st, 2020

Sept/Oct. issue ———- Sept 1st, 2020

Nov/Dec issue ———- Nov 1st, 2020


Airbrush The Magazine publishes two 100 Artists Special issues a year. In these issue’s we publish 100 different artists artwork of all different skill levels (professional to hobbyists) and from all over the world. These issues are to meant to celebrate the art of airbrushing and custom painting hopefully bring new people into our art forms. These issues are full color, glossy print, perfect bound coffee table style issues. Committee to advertising with us for a year (six issues) pay for that if full and we will include your ad (one page ad) in both special issues free.

The digital format of these issues is FREE to the world giving your ad even more exposure.