This is the first year the magazine has done a calendar, and we thank everyone for their support. Forty-eight artists are included in our 2022 calendar, and we think their artwork will inspire you all year long. With the artist’s artwork, we also published their contact info. We hope this serves to promote the artists and airbrushing the art form.
Even if your artwork did not make it in this year’s calendar, I hope you support this project. We will make this an annual project with enough support, and your artwork might well be in the 2023 calendar.
We thank Gerald Mendez for the awesome cover art. Additionally, we thank Dru Blair and Artem Raa / Spraygunner airbrush supplies for the support of this project.
This SOLD OUT!!!! It was a collectors edition..
Below a list of artists included in this year’s calendar:Larry Joly
Sonya Rae
Paul Butvila
Greg Fleetwood
Michele Roe
Angela Klemanski
Glen Donaldson
Willie Estep
Mark Rush
Jo Ta
Jimmy James
Bruce Rosier
Wayne Harrison
Rod Tickle
Paul Rosher
Mickey Harris
Heath Morrell
Chris Pitt
Bill Snegon
Walter Cueto
Amanda Beland
Alan Smallwood
Clayton Dunford
Tony Dee
Don Bruton
Fred Wagner
John Seaton
Sander Van Olphen
Simona Zecca
Nathan Curry
Sandra Goggins
Rick Hansen
Andy Sledge Smith
Mickel Camoes
Art and Soul by KDC
Mike Winkler
Bruce Hutkoski
Randy Long
Jason Livery
Alan Stritenberger
Didier Engel
Clarisse Pico
Margret Howard
Calender 2022