The history of our art form is mostly being lost and forgotten, and it’s important that it be recorded for all to see, read, and enjoy for many years to come. The many artists that paved the way for the art we all enjoy today need to be recognized; their stories need to be published!

There is a whole world outside Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and social media. Search engines like Google are still where people search for subjects they are interested in.

I started the FaceBook page Airbrush Hall Of Fame now it’s time to move that to the internet with its own website. www.airbrushhallfame…com will be where the world can access the history of our art form.

I donate most of my time but for this project I’m seeking sponsor’s to help cover the costs. Those sponsor’s will be the editors of which artists are added to the Hall Of Fame each year and for content published there. Your company banner will be on site as one of the sponsor., partners.

If you or your company is interest in preserving the history of our art for, Airbrushing please contact me to discuss becoming a partner with this project. or 1-352-361-3403

hall of fame