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Airbrush Technique Magazine was published in 2005 – 2012 a total of 54 issues, the info in each issue is still very useful today in 2020. I taught myself how to use Adobe Indesign and did all the work on these issues myself. The design and layout are very basic I admit that at the time I did the best I could.

I thank all the artists who contributed to these issues.

Airbrush The Magazine is my new airbrush magazine and the only airbrush magazine published in North America. The layout and articles in this new magazine are much improved over Airbrush Technique Magazine. An airbrush magazine has always played a huge role in pushing our art form forward, expanding the art form and it still holds true today. Airbrush The Magazine is all about helping you improve your airbrush, custom painting skills, knowledge while still being a bit entertaining.

We need your support to ensure there is an airbrush magazine published in North America please consider subscribing.

2020 these are crazy times worldwide with the virus please stay positive we will get through this but life will not go back to being normal for along time. Hopefully by making these old airbrush magazine issues free for you to read it will help you pass the time.

Thank You
Don Johnson airbrush artist/publisher.

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