Airbrush The Magazine looking to 2020 and what we have planned. Because I started the magazine last year well after the new year I’m looking to correct publishing dates now. Below are dates the magazine will be published and released (shipped out).

Let me assure everyone the magazine is doing well I’m still playing it very conservatively printing the magazine. I go by the number of present subscribers when an issue is ready to go to the printer.

When you subscribe that will start with the next issue to be published. So if you subscribe Jan 20th, 2020 the first issue you would receive would be March 2020, not Jan. 2020.

Please refer to the publication sates to the right.

This year we will again two 100 artists special issue’s they will be May 2020 and Nov. 2020 stay tuned as we get closer to those sates for more information.

My e-mail address is
My phone number is 1-352-361-3403 but I prefer if you e-mal me.

Thank you for your support.
Don Johnson/ Airbrush The Magazine

Jan/Feb 2020 Jan. 15th 2020
March/April 2020 March 15th 2020
May/June 2020 May 15th 2020
July/Aug 2020 July 15th 2020
Sept/Oct 2020 Sept 15th 2020
Nov./Dec. 2020 Nov 15th 2020