“To preserve and promote the art of airbrushing and custom painting.”

That is the mission of Airbrush The Magazine, pretty simple, pretty straight forward.

If you are passionate about airbrushing and custom painting you understand this type of mission is badly needed right now no need to explain it.

Some of the things we are doing to try and accomplish this mission.

The PRINTED format of the magazine. This format will always be different than the digital format after this first couple of issues. The print format will have articles, step by step articles that will not appear in the digital format. We owe it to the folks who subscribed to the printed format to provide them content beyond what the free digital format publishes.

We ask for your support by subscribing to the printed format of the magazine SUBSCRIBE NOW GO HERE

FREE DIGITAL FORMAT – “To preserve and promote” We feel this is best carried out by providing the digital format each issue of Airbrush The Magazine FREE to everyone worldwide. No app no download, no registration, sign up for an account by anyone to read the digital format. Anyone with any kind of device connected to the Internet anywhere in the world can read the magazine.
Our goal is to expose as many people worldwide to the art of airbrushing and custom painting. Thru making the digital format free we believe this can be best accomplished.

ARTIST INTERVIEWS – Many of you have already seen some of the artist interviews we conduct and then publish the video of the interview. These can be viewed on the magazine YOUTUBE Channel, magazine Instagram IGTV channel, magazine website, and on the magazine facebook page.
These interviews are an important part of accomplishing our mission, what we believe an airbrush magazine in 2019 should be. A combination of a printed format, digital format, and video interviews.

Think of the interviews as artists profiles published in other magazines but on video where you actually see and hear from the artist. Which helps promote that artist and the art forms of airbrushing and custom painting.
Website – airbrushthemagazine.com
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy7WIH_hairdxsahbuLoBYA
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/airbrushthemagazine
Instragram – @airbrushthemagazine

SPONSORS – By working with the airbrush, custom painting related companies who believe in our mission and the way the magazine works to accomplish its mission we hope to move the industry forward, To bring new people into the art forms and support all the artists already involved. We believe that if all the airbrush custom painting related companies and the artists in the industry are healthy business-wise, growing it benefits us all. We welcome all airbrush and custom painting related companies that believe this to be true to partner with us to accomplish our mission.

Inquiries and more information call 1-352-361-3403.

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