We had a huge turn out for our request for pictures of your artwork for issue #1 readers gallery. We had more than 77 artists from around the world post pictures of their artwork. This is my solution to the huge response we got from this.

I see this as a great way to show the world the great artwork created mostly by an airbrush, spray gun. by artists of all levels, pro’s as well as everyday artists. Hopefully, thru this, we can get more people involved in our artforms. Please watch the video about this Special issue for more details.

Thank you all for your support. #supportartists

Thank you to Jack at Trulers, Ken at Fisheye Filter, Donna at Maple Airbrush Supplies , Tammy at Tamco Paint for their support.

Airbrush The Magazine Collectors Special

AIRBRUSH THE MAGAZINE: Airbrush The Magazine Collectors Special

Airbrush The Magazine readers gallery collectors issue. 77 artists from around the world answered the call for a few pictures for readers gallery in Issue #1. WAY more than I ever imagined so to thank all of them I publish this special issue of the magazine. You can subscribe to the printed format…

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