Airbrush The Magazine First Annual Trade Show

Before I start yes I know there is SEMA, it is not airbrush, pinstriping, custom painting specific. This is the rough outlined to be refined by all those that want to take part.

So what would it be?

Two days of an Airbrush trade show (include pinstriping, custom painting). Where all the airbrush related manufactures have booths, can put on demos of their products. All the different airbrush, custom painting workshops, schools, have booths and can explain exactly what they have to offer you in the way of teaching the skills involved in our artforms. Including any airbrush supply store that wishes to take part.

Can we for two days come together forgetting the industry politics and just celebrate our art forum, the art and the artist involved.  

Your costs to attend as an artist? 

Minimal a door fee $5.00 – $15.00 – travel and motel expense you book yourself. This is intended to be affordable for the average artist to attend.

How is it paid for than?

By the manufactures and workshop, schools sharing in the costs of putting this event on. A booth fee plain and simple.

But how do they make money?

The old fashion way by being face to face with their customers, potential customers.

Right, how are you going to get manufactures, workshops, schools, stores all to be in the same room together?

I’m not you are. 

My voice is no louder than yours but as a group, community comes our strength. 

Message, call, write the manufactures, workshops, schools, supply stores you want to see there and tell them you would love to see them be part of this. If enough of you do that they might just listen and be there for you their customers. We will, of course, we will reach out to all of them also but your help would be great.


To bring us all together. We know each other via the internet only in most case’s, be nice to meet in person don’t you think. To be an educational experience for us all to learn what the manufacturers, workshops, schools have to offer, to learn this in person. A chance for the manufactures, workshops, schools to meet their customers, potential customers in-person to educate them on what they have to offer. Maybe a huge workshop on marketing ourselves as artists would be interesting. Free area for anyone who wants to paint. Possibilities are endless.


March in Florida so you snowbirds can see the sun. With enough advance, date notice so artists from Europe, South America can be part of this. To give you enough time to arrange your travel plans in advance hopefully saving you money.


 Orlando or Tampa Florida I will be happy to organize this and it will be easier for me to do so here rather than flying to Vegas or CA. to try and do this. Natural ground not in my place or anyone else shop or store, convention center, whare house. 

This is the brainstorming of myself and Hugo during or meeting in Texas.

Post below if you are interested, ask your friends to post below. A show of hands, please. idea’s, comments, questions welcome to post below. Discuss it among yourselves and let see if we can get this done.

Side note – I ask you and the companies to judge this on its merits of being a good thing for the community, industry and not on politics of fear, exclusion, divisiveness. Focus on the positive in other words.  

Our idea but it will take the whole artist community to make it happen. Are you in?

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Airbrush The Magazine Trade Show