Artist Cesar Deferrari 

Cesar over the years has written quite a few step by step articles for us. He was published in issue 13 which was our latin artists special issue.

Cesar Deferrari was born in Argentina in 1970. In 1994 he began his artistic studies in Buenos Aires (Mitre Institute), where he learned the basic techniques of drawing and painting.  It was there that he discovered the airbrush, a tool that caught him completely.  He decided to take more courses to improve in this technique. In turn, he studied illustration and caricature in different places. Since 1999 he has a studio where he gives airbrushing and drawing courses regularly. He currently participates in various individual and collective exhibitions showing his art and holds airbrush workshops in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, and Spain.

artist Cesar Deferrari

Some of Cesar’s artwork below.