Airbrush The Magazine with pinup artist Greg Andrews in the Oct.-Nov. 2019 issue ith a great step by step article. Read Greg’s airbrush techniqes for painting the pinup pictured to the rright.

Greg is a professional illustrator based in the Tampa Bay area of Florida USA. He has been working in the commercial/production art industry for nearly 40 years. He started painting Vans in 1979 then went on to airbrush t-shirts for the next 15 years on the Gulf Coast beaches. After a year off in the South Pacific, he began the commercial branch of his career. He worked in house for various companies doing varying things from paste-up to full-blown murals to architectural rendering and even some film posters and set work. Eventually, he found himself back in the T-shirt industry doing illustration and photo manipulation. He is now in self-imposed exile from the commercial industry and is concentrating on his fantasy and pinup illustrations.

pinup art