Dru Blair without a doubt has and is one of the influential artists in the airbrush industry. His traveling all over the world to hold airbrush workshops have brought more people into the world airbrushing then anything else done in this artform, industry. His airbrush schools in NC are without a doubt the very best airbrush schools in the world. The proof is all his students you see every day all over social media posting outstanding artwork.
Airbrush The Magazine is very excited to be partnering with Dru to promote the art we all love, airbrushing. Along with our other partner sponsors –Tamco Paint, SATA USA, Fisheye Filters, Sparmax Air, and Trulers we look forward to working to promote airbrush and custom painting.

Be sure to check out Dru’s Class Room in A Box a great way to up your airbrushing skills while staying home dealing with the virus requirements to do so.

classroom in a box

Dru’s  Class Room In Box:

“Dru has designed his classroom in a box home study course just for you. Dru is 100% committed to making his lessons the best and most informative they can be. Each Classroom in a Box walks you through the project step-by-step just like being at a Dru Blair workshop.

Classroom in a Box home study courses are recorded in real-time using HD video and narrated by Dru Blair himself as he walks you through your project and explains not only every mark he makes but more importantly, why he makes those marks, as well as why he chooses to use one technique over another. Classroom in a Box home study courses: the next best thing to being there!”

27 different Class Room in a Box Projects