Airbrush The Magazine 100 Artists Special #3

We are looking for exceptional airbrush art for this special issue. It will be perfect bound a coffee table softcover book available in Nov. 2020. We mean exceptional photographs of that art as well.

To submit your artwork please rename the file in your name and country. Failure to do so  your enter it will be deleted upon receiving….  We do this so we can just copy and paste your name and country right from the imagine into the magazine it’s cuts down on mistakes made. Please work with me on this..

****To enter you send us..Send us a high res picture to, one entry only please for consideration in publication in this issue. THey must be high res and GREAT PICTURES please.  We select not only on quality of the art but by the quality of the picture of that art. Cell phone camera pictures are fine just send them as saved on your cell phone.

****By entering you are stating you have the rights to and or permission in writing by the owner of any photographs you used as a reference for the artwork. That is artwork is yours and photoshop was not used to enhance the picture.

Thanks to our sponsors : Tamco Paint, Sata Dan_am, Fisheye Filters, Dru Blair School of Realism, Trulers.