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Interview Artist Steve Leahy

Airbrush The Magazine Interview with Steve Leahy. I personally have know Steve for close to 15 tears but this is the first time we had a chance to talk face to face more or less. Steve tells us how he got started airbrushing, how he learned to airbrush and shares with you some advice

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Javier Soto Interview

Interviewed by Norbert Klug - "Chili_air" Airbrush The Magazine would like to thank our friend Norbert for sending us this interview and allowing us to piece it together, publish it. Thanks also to Javier Soto for the interview with Norbert. Javier had just completed a workshop with Norbert's Chili_air studio and this interview took

Marcus Eisenhuth Interview

Norbert Klug or Chili_air as many of you may know him did this interview with artist Marcus Eisenhuth during the airbrush fair May 2019 in Mutterstadt Germany. Norbert asked Markus about Createx Colors Steve Gibson set of colors and that is what is discussed here. It is in German but below Norbert was kind

Wayne Huyboom Artist

Airbrush The Magazine video interview with airbrush artist Wayne Huyboom. Wayne is widely known and respected in the airbrush community also a long time friend of Airbrush The Magazine. It was with great pleasure we got to spend time talking to Wayne about airbrushing. We hope you enjoy this interview and thank Wayne for

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Hugo And Daisy Verliet Interview

Airbrush The Magazine interview with Hugo and Daisy Vervliet during their visit to the Airbrush Art Circus May 2019.We have been talking about doing a combined North American/ European airbrush Artist show for years this was our first chance to do so in person.For those interested, we are working on this and hope to see

Kiwi Terry Interview

Airbrush The magazine interview with one of our favorite artists Kiwi Terry during the Airbrush Art Circus in Texas May 2019. Terry explains how he will be changing his class up a bit for the next Airbrush Art Circus. Terry is not only a great artist and instructor but one of the nicest people you

Interview Liz Northrup

Airbrush The Magazine video interview with artist Liz Northrup. Liz was our first interview with an artist who uses mostly pinstriping, lettering brushes. Hear how Liz has evolved as an artist, some tips for those new to our artforms, marketing advice. We would love to interview you!! Contact us to talk about setting it

Interview Michele Roe

Airbrush The Magazine interview with airbrush artist Michele Roe. Meet artist Michele hear how she first started airbrushing, how she learned, her advice for those just starting out in airbrushing and advice on marketing yourself as an artist, your artwork. Subscribe to the printed format of Airbrush The Magazine and help us interview more

Interview Kenneth Daniel Schwerin 3rd

Airbrush The Magazine interview on video with the inventor of fisheye filters Kenneth Daniel Schwerin 3RD. Ken was nice enough to sit down with us and explain how Fisheye Filters started and how it works. Reduce paint failures and protect your pneumatic tools by using the BEST compressed air filter on the market. Fisheye

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Interview Mike Learn

Airbrush The Magazine interview with airbrush artist Mike Learn at the Airbrush Art Circus in Orlando. Mike learn is an amazing airbrush artist out of Colorado. We were lucky to be able to sit down with Mike for this video interview. Mike talks airbrush his guitar workshop at the Airbrush Art Circus. To see

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