As an editor, I don’t care what brand airbrush you use, brand paint, who you take airbrush lessons, workshops you favor, what airbrush custom painting supplier you like, what airbrush group you belong to. Those things have no bearing on you’re getting published in Airbrush The Magazine, none.

What I care about is as an artist, a custom painter you write an article about what you are passionate about relating to your art. Yes, I love publishing step by step articles because it helps follow artist learn and possibly can bring new people into the art form. But informative entertaining artist bio’s are great also. I really hope some of you will step up with some articles covering the business end of being an artist including marketing your art.

Bottom line if you put in the time and effort write an article following the simple guidelines on the magazine website it will get published. So do not be shy start writing and I look forward to publishing your article, artwork.
Don Johnson
Airbrush The Magazine