Interviewed by Norbert Klug – “Chili_air”
Airbrush The Magazine would like to thank our friend Norbert for sending us this interview and allowing us to piece it together, publish it.

Thanks also to Javier Soto for the interview with Norbert. Javier had just completed a workshop with Norbert’s Chili_air studio and this interview took place at an airbrush fair in Germany organized by Norbert.

For those that do not know Norbert and his Chili_Air studio in Germany has been holding airbrush workshops and airbrush fairs in Germany for 30 years. Some of the best airbrush artist in the world have done workshops with Norbert over the years. His next workshop is in Oct. 2019 with Steve Gibson and Jenn Mayberry. Contact Norbert via Instagram for more info about that workshop.

Norbert Klug
Airbrush Studio “Chili-Air“
Liebigstraße 22A
67133 Maxdorf