Starting with issue 14, which ships end of next week, I have switched to plastic magazine mailers and labels. This is an effort to reduce the weight of the magazine. I need to keep the magazine under 3oz, or the cost of mailing it doubles. Out of the $49.95 subscription cost, $13.00 goes to mailing six issues to each subscriber. That needs to hold, or it would be tough to accomplish. By reducing the weight from a paper envelope to lightweight plastic and adjusting the paper, I should add four more pages to each issue.

As you have noticed, there are minimal advertising pages in each issue. You are not paying for advertising pages but info that will help you learn new skills and techniques. I appreciate the companies that are sponsors right now, and I have no plans to add any others.

You will always notice I try and use every inch on every page. Sort of against good magazine design as there show be plenty of white space on each page. Again I design it, so you get as much helpful info as possible.

An expanded readers gallery in each issue is one goal I have for each issue. In issue 14, there are 16 different artists in our readers’ gallery. Bruce Hutkoski, Marcus Eisenuth, Margret Howard, Steve Wisniewski, Didier Engel, Joe Larry Mason, Paul Butvila, Aergraphy Tattoo, Tracy McKenzie, Sammy Cave, Bill Hanes, Lyndsay, Chris Pitt, Angel Ceric, Glen Donaldson, Ron Jordan.

To be our next readers, send a picture of your artwork to with READERS GALLERY in the subject line. I can not promise it will be in there, but I will do my best.

GET PUBLISHED —- we are like Switzerland neutral in the airbrush, paint battle. We see only art what airbrush or paint you use does not matter. What matters is GOOD content that helps our readers improve on their present airbrush, custom painting skills. We love to publish your informative article. For details CLICK HERE  

That covers it, I guess.

I appreciate your support.
If you don’t subscribe, we would love your support.