Norbert Klug or Chili_air as many of you may know him did this interview with artist Marcus Eisenhuth during the airbrush fair May 2019 in Mutterstadt Germany. Norbert asked Markus about Createx Colors Steve Gibson set of colors and that is what is discussed here.

It is in German but below Norbert was kind enough to send us the English translation. Markus is a huge talent in the world of airbrushing and it is great to see him, hear him via this video.

“Hello Marcus; Tell me how are these Steve Gibson colors?
The shades of gray, I love to work with it.
They are decked and man can paint back and forth as you like. Lately, I use these colors with every picture. OK. I have to say that all Createx’s history with the Opaque Colors completely changed the whole painting process. Man has always been transparent before. I must say I do not always work opaque I make this combination of opaque and transparent. the dekenden are dull and the transparent have a little glazes. this combination brings much more depth effect. it’s just fun.

Now the picture is finished with these shades of gray but it is Lack what cat woman has on how do you get this bald in the picture? The baldness is created by working back and forth with Stevs colors. In this picture is not no white the bright spots are still gray (very light gray No. 7). Finally I use the highlits with white. With number 1, some places are already edited. I can only recommend it to everyone the colors are fantastic and it is a lot of fun. Thank you very much Markus from the airbrush fair in (Mutterstadt).”

Hugo Vervliet, Norbert and I have known each other via the internet for a very long time. It is great to work with both of these giants in the airbrush world in Europe to try and bring together artists from North America and Europe. I look forward to talking to both again in person in August when Airbrush The Magazine will cover Hugo and Daisy next airbrush show in Germany.

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