I wanted to introduce myself to you so you have a face to put with who is publishing Airbrush The Magazine. I have 25 years or so in this industry.

My personal art website is www.airbrushgallery.com

I founded and published the website howtoairbrush.com way back it the day. The first website to publish free airbrush, custom painting tutorials.

I published Airbrush Technique Magazine for years a print and digital format airbrush magazine. Back than Airbrush Action got all the attention. I sold that magazine to Airbrush Action  6 years ago. When Airbrush Action went out of business I was asked to start publishing the magazine again. And so that brings us to where we are today the short version.

At any time you are welcome to contact me directly with your suggestions, concerns, questions. Airbrushmag@gmail.com or my cell phone 1-352-361-3403. I appricate all the support you have shown this magazine.

I publish an independent magazine and have NO affiliation with Airbrush Action magazine or the people involved with that now out of business magazine. There seems to be some confusion about this now you know.

Again thank you for your support.

I prefer to stay out of the politics and drama in this industry my focus is the art and you the artist, custom painters my focus will not be deflected from that. I also prefer to stay in the back ground of all this again my focus is the art and you the artist, custom painters. 🙏🏻 Don Johnson

Don Johnson