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As with Airbrush Action, Bob Bonds Pinstriping Magazine and the Kustom Painting magazine out of England we can no longer offer a printed version of the magazine. But unlike those magazines we will be switching to a digital format. This the Demo version.

Over the previous year, postage has increased to the point where it now costs over $2.00 to send one magazine within the USA, $12.00 to England, $16.00 to South America, and $6.00 to send one to Canada.
I fix subscription prices figuring in shipping costs at that time, they have increased so much over the last year that it is not feasible to continue. That and a decline in subscribers and advertisers make it impossible. You will never see a printed Airbrush Magazine in North America again; it’s gotten so bad.
If you subscribed to the printed format you have lifetime access to the digital magazine if you abide by the no-sharing rule. Please contact me for your access info. The exact reasons Bob Bond quite the pinstriping magazine, Lynda quite the Kustom painting magazine in England, and Cliff sold Airbrush Action. It isn’t worth the effort any longer. I did my best; my helmet painting money was going to support the print magazine in the end.

As new issues are published, the last issue will be achieved with all the rest of the back issues. Access to all the magazine back issues is free to anyone who had a subscription to the print format for life. (please get in touch with me for your access info Anyone else can subscribe for just $19.95 annually to access all the back issues. You can print the issue there at home using the print function in each issue.

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