If you are new to the world of airbrushing and custom painting we have a FREE digital issue for you to help you get started. This issue covers equipment basic’s, very beginner airbrush lessons and more. We hope this issue helps you get started in our great air forms.
After you have read this issue we have made all the digital issues of our old airbrush magazine Airbrush Technique Magazine FREE to everyone in digital format please feel free to read those also to help you get started.

Don Johnson/ publisher Airbrush The Magazine


By Airbrush Airbrush The Magazine in AIRBRUSH TECHNIQUE MAGAZINE

36 pages, published 11/11/2009

This is my old airbrush publication the new for 2019 is Airbrush The Magazine airbrushthemagazine.com I wrote this years ago but much of the information is still very relative. I hope you find it helpful. Don JohnsonAirbrush Technique Magazine Issue 0 is a special edition covering airbrushing basic’s everyone new to airbrushing will need to know to successfully take up airbrushing. This issue explains the different types of airbrushes,…