For years I published Airbrush Technique Magazine, with over 50 issues we published. I eventually sold the magazine to Airbrush Action. I still have some back issues of that magazine.

This issue was published in 2004, but the step-by-step airbrush info is still very valid today.

This issue featured step-by-step articles by Intro to painting skin tones by artist Kevin Mayes, Airbrush black t-shirts by artist Dean Schimmeti, painting flames on a Harley by Mick Cassidy, Artist Zoe Cattell with Tree Mural step-by-step.

My skills with magazine layout have improved and refined with Airbrush The Magazine, but this old issue is still pretty cool and will give you a feel for what Airbrush The Magazine is like. Get this issue for just $2.00 plus $2.00 shipping within the USA.

issue 5 old