Open Invitation Get Published

I run this magazine by myself, so my time is limited to searching out artists and inviting each to become a published artist. Thus the open invitation to all artists to send in your article.We publish only six issues per year, which means we can publish only about 48 different artists per year. We would love for you to be one of those 48 artists.

There is always an open invitation to all airbrush artists, custom painters, and pinstripers to publish in our magazine. What paint you use, what airbrush you use, any other tool you use to create your art has no bearing on if we publish your article or not.

Featured cover artists: there are only six covers a year, so we require excellent step-by-step-to-be featured cover artists. We are a working artists magazine helping readers learn new skills and knowledge.

Problay late to the party with is but sorry to hear Autoart magazine is no more. Bob for many years did an outstanding job with the magazine. One more print magazine bits the dust but I can certainly understand why.
To help fill the gap in the pinstriping world with this loss I extend all pinstripers, sign painters to join us with Airbrush The Magazine. We would love to help promote the art form and you the pinstriper, sign painter.
If you are interested in learning how to pinstripe check out Mr Bonds website.
(day 14 pleae pray for Ukraine)

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