Airbrush The Magazine now has an open Facebook group

The group is open to the public and we invite you all to post your artwork there.

Airbrush The Magazine Gallery (artbyyou group) share your artwork with everyone. Please include paint used, airbrushes used, brushes, artist tools used.

*******We will select Artists, artwork from this group to be included in our READERS GALLERY each issue and our 2019 SEMA Special issue *****

Please invite your friends to hang their artwork here.

We are all about bringing new people into our art forms by this group is open to the public we hope to inspire new artists to join us. Pick up an airbrush, paintbrush and give it a try.

We hope to see you posting your artwork there today!

I’m sure by posting your artwork we can accomplish this, thank you for helping.

Art By You is not intended to compete with or try to replace any other art group, the magazine supports them all.