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Artist Jenn Mayberry


Artist Profile Jenn Mayberry Jenn did the cover art and was featured artist for our May/June Issue 2020 Bio: Jenn Mayberry holds a BFA in Fine Arts and a BA in Art History from Buffalo State College in Buffalo, NY. She began airbrushing in 1999, in

Terry Stephens


Artist Profile Artist Terry Stephens Terry was the featured artist in issue 4 and his artwork is on the cover Artist Profile Terry Stephens While Terry was a young lad in high school, as he recalls, he had seen a painting

Mike Learn


Artist Profile Artist Mike Learn Mike was the featured artist in issue 3 his artwork is on the cover Artist Profile Mike Learn I have been a full-time professional artist for 35 years now. From High School Shop Class, to Megadeth

Marcus Eisenhuth


Artist Profile Artist Marcus Eisenhuth Marcus appeared in issue 5 and his artwork is on the cover Artist Profile Marcus Eisenhuth I started drawing as a small child. As I remember, I was drawing all the time and got my first

Rodino Bautista


Artist Profile Artist Rodino Bautista Artist Profile Rodino Bautista Rodino is a rgular contributor to our magazine stating with issue #2 My name is Rodino Bautista, I have been drawing, illustrating and customizing for nearly three decades, I started at an

Artist Rick Munoz


Artist Profile Artist Rick Munoz Artist Profile Rick Munoz Rick appeared in Issue 2 and his artwork was on the cover. I’m Rick Munoz and my career started at the young age of 12 painting model cars, planes, etc.. then I