Artist Jay Ferguson


Artist Profile Jay Ferguson Welcome to the art of Jay Ferguson.  What started out as a high school hobby, turned into a full time career for me.  Painting has always been an escape from reality for me, in my youth I would lose myself for hours painting heavy

Steve Leahy


Artist Profile Steve Leahy Steven is currently painting his hyper-realistic, detailed artwork out of his studio in Beloit, Ohio. He uses Createx Wicked Colors on various substrates including prepared aluminum, hardboard, and paper. The subjects for the paintings vary but the attention to detail, color, and the challenge of creating art

Artist Dru Blair


Artist Profile Artist Dru Blair Artist Profile Dru Blair BIO -Dru is the owner of Blair Art Studios / Blair School of Art / Blair Center for the Arts. I’m an airbrush artist and a musician, with interests in Photorealism, Trompe L’oeil

Artist Jason Livery


Artist Profile Jason Livery JASON FACEBOOK Hey guys, this article is some steps to creating goalie mask art that will last. I won’t be going into every aspect but this article will get you started. Some of the steps provided will be more

Artist Byron Lawrence


Artist Profile Byron Lawrence FACEBOOK BYRON Byron was in Issue #7 2020 My name is Byron Lawrence and I operate under the name ByronicArt along with my painting partner in Orange County, California. I primarily work in the custom automotive airbrush field, specializing in airbrushing

Artist Jenn Mayberry


Artist Profile Jenn Mayberry Jenn did the cover art and was featured artist for our May/June Issue 2020 Bio: Jenn Mayberry holds a BFA in Fine Arts and a BA in Art History from Buffalo State College in Buffalo, NY. She began airbrushing in 1999, in

Terry Stephens


Artist Profile Artist Terry Stephens Terry was the featured artist in issue 4 and his artwork is on the cover Artist Profile Terry Stephens While Terry was a young lad in high school, as he recalls, he had seen a painting

Mike Learn


Artist Profile Artist Mike Learn Mike was the featured artist in issue 3 his artwork is on the cover Artist Profile Mike Learn I have been a full-time professional artist for 35 years now. From High School Shop Class, to Megadeth

Marcus Eisenhuth


Artist Profile Artist Marcus Eisenhuth Marcus appeared in issue 5 and his artwork is on the cover Artist Profile Marcus Eisenhuth I started drawing as a small child. As I remember, I was drawing all the time and got my first

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