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Byron Lawrence

Byron was in Issue #7 2020

Byron Lawrence

My name is Byron Lawrence and I operate under the name ByronicArt along with my painting partner in Orange County, California. I primarily work in the custom automotive airbrush field, specializing in airbrushing art on motorcycles as well as helmets and automobiles. Although my main focus is custom motorcycle airbrushing, I also paint numerous hockey goalie masks as I am a certified OTNY goalie mask painter but work on other brands as well. I also do fine art on metal, illustration board, canvas, etc.

I’ve been working in the custom paint industry for about the past 25 years although I’ve only been doing work under my name for the past few years or so. I was previously working for other shops in relative obscurity and under conditions that didn’t foster artistic “growth” as everything was a product of those shops under their names. I now do my projects for customers as ByronicArt as well as paint work as a hired gun for other custom shops. So, in a sense, I’m new to the industry in terms of name recognition.

My interest in airbrushing started about a year after I graduated high school when I visited the student art show at my old school. I noticed some students had done some airbrush paintings. Despite having been heavily into art since I was a little kid I had never seen this before. So the next day I went out and got a starter airbrush set and started my long journey of understanding and refining airbrush techniques. It was hardly a smooth process as when I started there wasn’t a vast amount of easily accessible airbrush learning resources. So for many years there was a lot of hit or miss and stumbling around in my quest to improve in different aspects. Like many other airbrushers, I’m primarily self-taught and have picked up various techniques here and there.

Badger airbrushes have been my brushes of choice for several years and most of my “metal art” is done with House of Kolor urethane candy paints.  My goal is to paint more fantasy-based art and characters but I’m usually busy with customer work at least 5 days a week. I would love to have or make more free time to paint what I want but I need to keep my customers happy…and pay the bills. I consider it a blessing to be busy with customer work even at the expense of doing even higher quality work on my own time.

I’m blown away by the incredible talent of numerous artists out there who post on social media who are light years ahead of me. I feel inadequate alongside these masterful artists. Although I’m never really satisfied with what I paint I always strive to improve wherever and however I can.