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Hey guys, this article is some steps to creating goalie mask art that will last. I won’t be going into every aspect but this article will get you started. Some of the steps provided will be more in-depth in future articles. There are many ways to paint a goalie mask however this is how I do it here at Head Strong Grafx LLC. I have painted hundreds of masks over the years from pee-wee youth masks to the NHL. I have seen first hand how paintwork holds up throughout an entire season especially at the NHL level. Keep in mind this is a high impact sport you have hard rubber pucks being shot at a goalie at very high speeds and some of these shots are direct hits to the dome. There will be some inevitable chipping but the steps I’m going to explain in this article will help keep this to a minimum and in some cases flawless all season long. Don’t beat yourself up if a mask does chip, keep in mind there are many variables and scenarios in which it is completely out of your control and not even a paint issue but a mask integrity issue. These masks are not bulletproof and can crack or severely chip complete sections off and that is not paint related. Ok, enough of all the boring chit chat and let’s get down to business…