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Jay Ferguson

Jay Ferguson

Welcome to the art of Jay Ferguson.  What started out as a high school hobby, turned into a full time career for me.  Painting has always been an escape from reality for me, in my youth I would lose myself for hours painting heavy metal album covers on my friends jackets.  The passion I had for darker artwork turned into an obsession.  That temporary escape soon became a necessity of life, a way to pour my heart and soul onto canvas.

I have been creating art full time for 20 years.  This has enabled me to concentrate all my time and effort on one project at a time. Over the years, my works have won many awards, and been published in a few magazines.  But still the ultimate reward is turning a customers blank canvas, into a piece of art.

I have always had a flair for dark imagery, from my school drawings, to the murals, and portraits that I do now.  That’s not to say I am limited to that, I take pride in being able to work in different styles, and enjoy the challenges of something new.  Thankfully, I have aligned myself with creative people in the art world, custom industry, and loyal customers who give me the creative freedom to paint my style of art.  The journey of an artist is never ending, every piece is one more step towards a constantly evolving destination.  This website is only a small sample of my works, but I hope that you enjoy it.

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