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Artist Rick Munoz

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rick munoz

Artist Profile

Rick Munoz

Rick appeared in Issue 2 and his artwork was on the cover.

I’m Rick Munoz and my career started at the young age of 12 painting model cars, planes, etc.. then I moved up to t-shirts andleather jackets, wall murals, and automotive. In the 90’s I was the first airbrush artist to travel to South America (Argentina) and introduce the freehand style of airbrushing. My travelstook to me to Brazil to teach bodypainting as well. I also taught airbrushing in China and worked on some custom trucks and cars. It’s been a roller coaster ride so far and all the thanks to the wonderful world of Airbrushing! Feel free to check out my artwork on my Facebook page and

Instagram page as well., Facebook – Rick Munoz, Instagram –