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Artist Marcus Eisenhuth

Marcus appeared in issue 5 and his artwork is on the cover

Artist Profile

Marcus Eisenhuth

I started drawing as a small child. As I remember, I was drawing all the time and got my first airbrush when I was 7 years old. But I wasn’t interested in it. When I was 9 years old I started to paint with a spray can and grow into the Graffiti scene. In 2007 / 2008 I was annoyed about the Graffiti scene… all this Gangsta behavior, haters and violence became more and more important and the art was in the background.

So I left the Graffiti scene and this was the point when I got back into my airbrushing again. And then it happened… I got addicted to airbrushing. I was always learning by doing. But in 2013 I took an airbrush class held by Dru Blair which helped me a lot.

I call my style “Macro realism“. Photography has been one of my favorite hobbies for a long time and I was always very interested in Macro Photography. That is when I painted my first bee and a couple of months later followed the first wasp. These paintings show a huge amount of detail. So I started to try to bring this amount of detail in all of my paintings. The closer you go… the more details you will see.

That’s why I call it Macro Realism. When you are doing art, don’t think too much about it… just do it! Do not be afraid of doing a painting, it’s not like we are doing t tattoo in the skin. We just put some paint on the surface! Always try different ways to create an Artwork.