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Artist Rodino Bautista

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Artist Profile

Rodino Bautista

Rodino is a rgular contributor to our magazine stating with issue #2

My name is Rodino Bautista, I have been drawing, illustrating and customizing for nearly three decades, I started at an early age learning from books, magazines, and local artist. I wanted to be just like the famous names in the illustration world of design and customizing world in Hot Rod, Lowrider Magazine and Motorcycle Magazines. I use to stop by every day to watch a local pinstripe to try and learn his pinstriping technique. One day he asked me if I wanted to pull some lines on a piece of sheet metal. I did not realize how fun and exciting it would be to hold a dagger brush. From that day, I went to the local library to check out all art can offer, to learn all the basics needed.

At the early age of twelve I started helping local artist taping off cars for striping, and eventually, I started pulling lines and simple designs. I decided to ventureoff on the side to make extra money and joined the art elective in school to learn basic techniques  in airbrushing and fine arts, take some technicalIllustration to further myself in my new passion.

At age 16, I formed my new company RWD as Rod Water Design, from that day on, I gained popularity as an upcoming artist. I wanted to gain more, so I started entering local and state contest in which I won many 1st places for pant and pinstriping, I wanted to be published in all magazines, book publications. I started working very hard with my customizing side and learning all I needed to be recognizing in both the world of design and customizing. In 1994 I was awarded the international Bronze Medal in the national acclaimed Society of illustration SILA, from that day on I was published in all the big publication magazines and books around the world. While my career in the customizing world exploded, I was super busy 7 days a week 360 days out of the year, being published on covers of magazines, deadlines after deadlines, I then realize the art and passion I had all these years became a job.

That’s when I realize, I needed to retire since I reach the success I was driven to, I needed a job that I can work from 9 to 5 and be with the family. In 2015, I was asked to see if I can still paint, I was challenged to paint a chopper bicycle and enter it in a local bike show in San Jose, we feature the build on You Tube, and we once the “Meanest Bike” went viral the rest is history. RWD Rod Water Design was reborn in the new national platform of Social Media. I currently work for a large company as one of Sr. Manager’s which I love.

I am illustrating and customizing in part-time bases, choosing the work as needed to keep