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Artist Terry Stephens

Terry was the featured artist in issue 4 and his artwork is on the cover

  • kiwi terry
kiwi terry

Artist Profile

Terry Stephens

While Terry was a young lad in high school, as he recalls, he had seen a painting in Art class. It had super smooth shading and he was amazed at how someone could create such a piece with a paintbrush. He asked his teacher how it was created, to which she replied, “It was created with an airbrush!” From that very moment, Terry was inspired. He began saving his paper route money so he could purchase an airbrush. Kiwi had spent quite a bit of time in his early years crafting his blending of colors with a paintbrush. But when he discovered the airbrush, he knew that was his weapon of choice. He followed his passion for airbrushing for several years in his home country of New Zealand, using stencils in the beginning, as he slowly developed the ability to control the airbrush.

Terry worked in New Zealand for several years, until he realized that airbrushing in the states had evolved substantially more than in his home country. America was the place to be, and once he arrived, he learned to airbrush properly. He settled into Ventura, California, and this is where he was able to hone in on and correct his techniques. Terry’s early airbrushing jobs in America were mainly creating custom art on trucks, and he wasn’t necessarily focused on a specific subject matter. But as he continued his art, his gift proved to be creating skull images with the airbrush. His client base grew and continues to lead him down that path today.

Terry’s enthusiasm for his art took off when he joined the airbrush community through going to shows, sharing techniques and ideas with his peers, and eventually teaching others how to airbrush. ”Many times, even as an instructor, I didn’t realize the amount of information I had picked up at the classes until I returned home to my studio and began to create! ” We just grow so much from each other at every event.”

Fast-forward to the present, and you’ll find Terry instructing at the  Airbrush Art Circus events and Coast Airbrush events.

Terry’s class generally focuses on his specialty, which is creating various skull artwork. However, he plans to shake things up a bit in future classes. Rather than teaching his students to create a single piece, his redesigned course will focus on teaching specific techniques that  they can take with them.  “We are thinking that if students bring their various ideas and passions on the subject matter, we can teach them how to take their ideas and create composition, layout, and a flowing story within their piece, which provides a deeper insight into the creative process for them.”