An airbrush with exceptional precision

The premium SATAgraph 4 airbrush offers durability and comfort, with exceptional atomization. It is the most affordable airbrush of this quality hands-down. Artists can spray fine lines and dots to meet the most demanding requirements.

The SATAgraph 4 is available in gravity #S004B, side #S004S or siphon cup #S004H versions. The airbrush comes with nozzle size 0.40mm offering more options for creativity.

Designed with a super grip, unique forward cut trigger with cross teeth giving a comfortable no-slip grip. It offers a super smooth single piece trigger pull for better control and durability.

Other features include solvent-proof O-rings on front and inside of
airbrush and a crosscut reversible air cap tip allowing air to flow away from the tip when close to a surface, the nozzle shield is completely reversible with the needle exposed to pick away tip dry.

This airbrush is capable of fast work speed down to very good detail.

All-new – for even finer detail artists can now purchase the new detail needle/nozzle 0.25mm part # S058, and another new option is the high roller trigger part # S054.

The SATAgraph 4 is available separately or complete with hose, nipple and quick connect in a handy case.

SATA Spray Equipment/Dan-Am

SATA airbrush