SEMA special issue UPDATED!!!

Even if you can not be at SEMA in person your artwork could possibly be via this SEMA special issue.

Airbrush The Magazine will be at SEMA this year and look forward to it.

Airbrush The Magazine wants to put together another Artist Special Issue.
This special issue we will take to SEMA and make it available there.

Hopefully, we can get you some PR for your artwork with this issue and what better place than SEMA.


We are starting this now to give everyone plenty of time to post your BEST professional looking picture of your artwork. Post as often as you want the artists for this special issue will come from our group page. You must be able to provide us with HIGH RES picture to be included.

*****Please include where you live, paint used, airbrush used (or spray gun), the brush used, surface artwork was painted on.

Start now, ends Sept 15th.

Questions? Comments? please let us know.

We are seeking companies to help sponsor this special issue please call 1-352-361-3403 to become a sponsor.