It is all about the art. What brand airbrush you use, the brand, type of paint you use has no bearing on you being published in our magazine.

How To Get Published In Our Magazine

We get a lot of requests from artists and for that we very grateful for all your support, thank you. Unfortunately, there are only six magazine covers per year for our magazine and room for about five artist written articles per issue. That is about 30 to 40 artists per year we can publish.

Don’t let that discourage you please write your step by step and submit it we will review the article and get back to you.


On Instagram follow @airbrushthemagazine and tag us #airbrushthemagazine we will look over your artwork and get in touch with you. Again don’t get discouraged we have a lot of artists, artwork to review. At the least, we will share some of your artwork in our story there.

Without the partnership, we have with artists, experts, professional as well as hobbyist artists and our readers we couldn’t bring you our magazine. We appreciate your support, thank you. 

Become part of our #airbrushthemagazinefamily

  • share your knowledge, expertise as a “How To” (step by step) author.  Please READ THIS PAGE for info on writing step by step articles
  • as readers gallery artist – subject to our review for quality of the artwork and pictures you send us.
  • as a featured artist in an interview – (subject to our interest in what you send us)
  • as an expert share your new interesting topics, products, or events from the airbrush, custom painting world

You can send us any of the above using to We will review what you send us as soon as possibble and be in contact with you.

***If you are a subscriber to the print magazine submitt a short artist bio, three high res pictures of your artwork, picture of yourself, social media pages and we’ll get you in our SUBSCRIBERS SHOUT OUT in a feature issue.

We encourage you to support the magazine by subscribing please SUBSCRIBE INFO