As defined by Airbrush The Magazine

Subscribe – You pay a fee to receive a certain number of issues of a magazine. The publisher in return sells advertising to add them to the pages of the magazines you will receive and that is how they make their money. You read what what the advertisors want you to read basically…

Investing – You INVEST a fee and recieve a cetain number of issues of the magazine.  (6 per year) We advertise subscribe but it more accurately should be read invest. We have limited sponsors we do not have advertisers. We are more reader, subscriber-supported than driven by selling advertising.

Your return on the investment –
#1 – You support an airbrush, custom painting magazine that publishes artists regardless of the brand paint or airbrush they use. It is a partnership with the airbrush and custom painting artists and commuinty we have.

#2 – You will receive issues full of useful, entertaining content without being hit over the head by all the advertising content. Our promise to you.

#3 – You help us continue to provide a printed airbrush, custom painting magazine to the community. We are the only airbrush, custom painting magazine now published bi-monthly in not only in North America but in the world. This is an important tradition in our industry and helps move us forward as an art form and industry.

#4 – You help us preserve our history as an industry, art form in a written printed format, printed magazine.

#5 – And most importantly Airbrush The Magazine recognizes you as an investor, not just a subscriber. It is through our partnership with the artist, the entire community that enables us to publish a printed format magazine.

#5 – You help us provide to the airbrush, custom painting community the services we try and provide with our facebook pages, open facebook groups. Facebook pages and groups –  Live Art, Workshops and airbrush Kustom painting School group, Airbrush The magazine gallery group . Our Instagram page where we share with you new as well as older established airbrush artists, custom painters artwork and news. @airbrushthemagazine. And the magazine facebook page HERE

#6 – You help us continue with our video interviews with artists of all skill levels and publish those on facebook, Youtube and Instagram. We where the first magazine to do this and we believe it is an important part of the magazine. Facebook videos page

And that is how we as a magazine define Subscribers and Investors. We hope you will invest in our magazine by subscribing and become part of the Airbrush The Magazine family. Questions, concerns, suggestions welcome always – – my cell phone 1-352-361-3403

*****We would like to thank the companies that have been with us as sponsor’s sense day one without them we could not be able to publish your artwork, step by step articles, stories. TAMCOPAINT.COMTRULERS , FISHEYE FILTERS, SPARMAX AIR

Don Johnson / Airbrush The Magazine

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