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Airbrush THe Magazine is published bi-monthly roughly 60 days apart.
I say roughly because there is no staff here I do this all myself pretty much with a little help from my friend Beata. My passion for airbrushing and custom painting lead to my also becoming a publisher. No one else is crazy enough to do it I guess. 🙂 As I publish the only airbrush and custom painting magazine in North America.

I still go to the shop every day and paint my passion for this after all is what started my magazine I’m not giving that up.

Everything you see on the pages of the magazine was placed there by me in Indesign. It is a very time-consuming job believe me. I try my best to keep it every two months but sometimes it is longer than that by a week or two. It’s important to get the magazine right and I’m not publishing it until it is.

I have a very long history in this industry both as an artist and publisher. I published Airbrush Technique Magazine for years (50 some odd issues in fact) before selling the magazine to another publisher. When Airbrush Action went out of business I was asked to start publishing again. That brings us here.

I tell you that so you understand a little about my background. My past publishing experience taught me not to over order issues to be printed, not going to be a lot of back issues in other words. I print the magazine issues from the number of present subscribers when the issue is ready to go to the printer.

****So your subscription will start from the NEXT issue to be published after the date you subscribed.****

Please check for release dates below. For more detailed info on extactly issues ship check our EVENTS CALENDAR please.

Below are the realease dates of the issues.

I have a great track record in this industry you will get the issues you paid for with your hard-earned money. It might be a little over a year (as explained above) but you will get them.

If you have any questions, concerns please contact me

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