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SUBSCRIBING VERSUS INVESTING As defined by Airbrush The Magazine Subscribe - You pay a fee to receive a certain number of issues of a magazine. The publisher in return sells advertising to add them to the pages of the magazines you will receive and that is how they make their money. You read what


SEMA 2019 See You There.

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Airbrush The Magazine received confirmation today we have our media pass to SEMA 2019. We will be there from Nov. 4th -Nov. 7th and will try and bring you as many interviews and pictures of the SEMA show as possible. We hope to see you there. This will be pur first time going to

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Interview Artist Steve Leahy

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Airbrush The Magazine Interview with Steve Leahy. I personally have know Steve for close to 15 tears but this is the first time we had a chance to talk face to face more or less. Steve tells us how he got started airbrushing, how he learned to airbrush and shares with you some advice

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Javier Soto Interview

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Interviewed by Norbert Klug - "Chili_air" Airbrush The Magazine would like to thank our friend Norbert for sending us this interview and allowing us to piece it together, publish it. Thanks also to Javier Soto for the interview with Norbert. Javier had just completed a workshop with Norbert's Chili_air studio and this interview took

Marcus Eisenhuth Interview

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Norbert Klug or Chili_air as many of you may know him did this interview with artist Marcus Eisenhuth during the airbrush fair May 2019 in Mutterstadt Germany. Norbert asked Markus about Createx Colors Steve Gibson set of colors and that is what is discussed here. It is in German but below Norbert was kind

Kiwi Terry Interview

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Airbrush The magazine interview with one of our favorite artists Kiwi Terry during the Airbrush Art Circus in Texas May 2019. Terry explains how he will be changing his class up a bit for the next Airbrush Art Circus. Terry is not only a great artist and instructor but one of the nicest people you

Airbrush The Magazine Mission

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"To preserve and promote the art of airbrushing and custom painting." That is the mission of Airbrush The Magazine, pretty simple, pretty straight forward. If you are passionate about airbrushing and custom painting you understand this type of mission is badly needed right now no need to explain it. Some of the things we

Airbrush The Magazine Issue #1 Digital

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Airbrush The Magazine Issue #1 Digital format is now available thru Magzter to purchase for $4.99. You can subscribe to the digital format also thru Magzter for less than $30.00 a year. CLICK HERE to go to this issue on Magzter.Thanks to these artists who helped out in issue #1 which highlights the woman artists,

Airbrush The Magazine Issue #2

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Airbrush The Magazine June-July Issue Step by Step Articles by: FEATURED ARTIST - Rick Munoz - Artist from LA who's work in lowrider community is very well known. Risk takes up step by step through his process of painting the lowrider design seen on the cover. FEATURED ARTIST - Part 1 of Rodino Bautista

@Airbrushthemagazine IGTV Channel

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Airbrush The Magazine on Instagram @airbrushthemagazine now has a new IGTV Channel airbrushthemagazine. On our channel, we will be post interviews with airbrush artist, custom painters. If you would like to be interviewed for our channel please drop me an e-mail Via this channel we hope to get people excited about airbrushing and

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