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SUBSCRIBING VERSUS INVESTING As defined by Airbrush The Magazine Subscribe - You pay a fee to receive a certain number of issues of a magazine. The publisher in return sells advertising to add them to the pages of the magazines you will receive and that is how they make their money. You read what


SEMA 2019 See You There.

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Airbrush The Magazine received confirmation today we have our media pass to SEMA 2019. We will be there from Nov. 4th -Nov. 7th and will try and bring you as many interviews and pictures of the SEMA show as possible. We hope to see you there. This will be pur first time going to

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Oct.-Nov. Issue Digital Format Available

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Airbrush The Magazine Oct.-Nov. issue is available now on  The printed format is on its way from the printer now and will be available early nest week. Airbrush The Magzine Oct-Nov 2019 Issue featuring airbrush artist artist Kiwi Terry, Rodino Bautista with part three SEMA bike project, interview with airbrush artist Rafa Fonseca,

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Sparmax Air

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Airbrush The Magazine We welcome Sparmax an Anest Iwata company to the #airbrushthemagazinefamily. Along with,, and, they are the companies that help us continue on the path of becoming the airbrush magazine we all want and can be proud of. Combined they help us to publish the 100 Artist special issues, SEMA special issue, the

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Workshops, Schools As a magazine, it is our job to make you our readers aware of and report on all airbrush, custom painting workshops, and schools. Dru, Alina, Nathan, Airbrush Art Circus, Coast Airbrush, Marissa, Paul McDonald, Hugo World of Airbrushing, Chili-Air, Marcus Berlin-Airbrush, Gerald, Rafa, Brushmaster, and the list goes on. I would


June-July Issue RWD

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Airbrush The Magazine June/July 2019 issue with featured artist, custom painter Rodino Bautista or RWD. Thank you RWD, Tamco paint and Trulers for their support of the magazine the bike is complete as you can see it this video and we are honored that RWD allowed us to publish it in the June/July issue.RWD "This bike is

SEMA 2019 Special issue

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SEMA special issue UPDATED!!! Even if you can not be at SEMA in person your artwork could possibly be via this SEMA special issue. Airbrush The Magazine will be at SEMA this year and look forward to it. Airbrush The Magazine wants to put together another Artist Special Issue. This special issue we will

Our New Facebook Group

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Airbrush The Magazine now has an open Facebook group The group is open to the public and we invite you all to post your artwork there. Airbrush The Magazine Gallery (artbyyou group) share your artwork with everyone. Please include paint used, airbrushes used, brushes, artist tools used. *******We will select Artists, artwork from

Javier Soto Interview

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Interviewed by Norbert Klug - "Chili_air" Airbrush The Magazine would like to thank our friend Norbert for sending us this interview and allowing us to piece it together, publish it. Thanks also to Javier Soto for the interview with Norbert. Javier had just completed a workshop with Norbert's Chili_air studio and this interview took

Airbrush The Magazine Digital Format

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The digital format is now available on the largest digital magazine newsstand in the world MAGZTER.COM. " is the World's largest and fastest growing self-service, cross-platform digital magazine store and newsstand with over 51 million digital consumers and more than 11,500 magazines from over 4,000 publishers." Airbrush The Magazine can be viewed, read on

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