June-July Issue RWD

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Airbrush The Magazine June/July 2019 issue with featured artist, custom painter Rodino Bautista or RWD. Thank you RWD, Tamco paint and Trulers for their support of the magazine the bike is complete as you can see it this video and we are honored that RWD allowed us to publish it in the June/July issue.RWD "This bike is

Javier Soto Interview

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Interviewed by Norbert Klug - "Chili_air" Airbrush The Magazine would like to thank our friend Norbert for sending us this interview and allowing us to piece it together, publish it. Thanks also to Javier Soto for the interview with Norbert. Javier had just completed a workshop with Norbert's Chili_air studio and this interview took

Hugo And Daisy Verliet Interview

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Airbrush The Magazine interview with Hugo and Daisy Vervliet during their visit to the Airbrush Art Circus May 2019.We have been talking about doing a combined North American/ European airbrush Artist show for years this was our first chance to do so in person.For those interested, we are working on this and hope to see

Kiwi Terry Interview

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Airbrush The magazine interview with one of our favorite artists Kiwi Terry during the Airbrush Art Circus in Texas May 2019. Terry explains how he will be changing his class up a bit for the next Airbrush Art Circus. Terry is not only a great artist and instructor but one of the nicest people you

Airbrush The Magazine Mission

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"To preserve and promote the art of airbrushing and custom painting." That is the mission of Airbrush The Magazine, pretty simple, pretty straight forward. If you are passionate about airbrushing and custom painting you understand this type of mission is badly needed right now no need to explain it. Some of the things we

Airbrush The Magazine Issue #1 Digital

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Airbrush The Magazine Issue #1 Digital format is now available thru Magzter to purchase for $4.99. You can subscribe to the digital format also thru Magzter for less than $30.00 a year. CLICK HERE to go to this issue on Magzter.Thanks to these artists who helped out in issue #1 which highlights the woman artists,

@Airbrushthemagazine IGTV Channel

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Airbrush The Magazine on Instagram @airbrushthemagazine now has a new IGTV Channel airbrushthemagazine. On our channel, we will be post interviews with airbrush artist, custom painters. If you would like to be interviewed for our channel please drop me an e-mail airbrushthemag@gmail.com Via this channel we hope to get people excited about airbrushing and

Airbrush The Magazine Special Issue #1

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AIRBRUSH THE MAGAZINE READERS GALLERY SPECIAL ISSUE We had a huge turn out for our request for pictures of your artwork for issue #1 readers gallery. We had more than 77 artists from around the world post pictures of their artwork. This is my solution to the huge response we got from this. I

Airbrush Art Circus

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First Airbrush The Magazine would like to thank Rob Churchill for inviting the magazine to stop by his airbrush workshop while the Airbrush Art Circus was in Orlando, Fl. in Feb. 2019. This was the first venture to such an event for the magazine and we learned a lot so the next workshop we

Interview Michele Roe

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Airbrush The Magazine interview with airbrush artist Michele Roe. Meet artist Michele hear how she first started airbrushing, how she learned, her advice for those just starting out in airbrushing and advice on marketing yourself as an artist, your artwork. Subscribe to the printed format of Airbrush The Magazine and help us interview more

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