Airbrush The Magazine was invited to Tamco Take Over in Hampton, Virginia, in May 2021. What an incredible event this was with over 15 different class’s students could take.
Tamco Take over was the brainchild of Tammy Miller, who started the event after SEMA was canceled in 2020 due to the China virus. Tamco Take Over #1 in 202 was a huge success, and so this year was also.

“Tamco TakeOver 2021
Dates May 03-07th 2021 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily
Cost per Person $300.00 flat fee
Venue: Langley Speedway, Hampton Virginia 3165 N Armistead Ave, Hampton, VA 23666
A one-stop learning class.
Use Tamco Paint learning how to:
Tamco Tech and hands-on training.
Live metal work demonstrated by Steve Nielsen the whole week.
CSI tech and demonstrations daily by Tom Horvath, the owner. Not a signup class
Food Trucks, Beer & Margaritas daily.
The whole point of this outside, completely hands-on event is to showcase Tamco being used in all of the above applications and to allow you a comfortable, relaxed training environment. Everything you’ve wanted to learn in an automotive aspect, all at the same location. Never has this level or range of information been taught at one location for a flat low fee.
Move around freely to and from training classes and spend the time at the spots you feel you’ll benefit from the most. You’ll have multiple days to sharpen and or learn a brand new skill. We welcome anyone wanting to learn even just the slightest detail, even if you have zero prior skills from beginner to advanced, ages 18 and up. ”

We took tons of videos and interviewed every instructor there. To the right is just one of the videos. You can see many more on our Youtube channel. We look forward to being part of Tamco Take Over #3 in 2022.