Artist Terry Hill and artist Donte Sly Curd in this video which was talken by Donte.

Terry was such a huge influence in this art form to 1000’s of artists his instructional videos played a huge roll in getting many of us  started in airbrushing.

Donte owns one of the most successful T-Shirt shop’s in Florida if not world wide.

Mickey Harris on Terry Hill

The first time I met Terry he came in to where I was painting and talked to me some about airbrushing. He was a welder at the time and had the look in his eye of a man in love with the airbrush. He stated there in Ft Walton the town that spawned so many of the greats. He still paints to this day and is always willing to share his knowledge. I bet he can still weld as well. I will always consider Terry a friend. We share our humble beginnings in the golden age of airbrushing and his contributions to the industry are legendary.
The history of this art form is important and so we are buildong the Airbrush Hall Of Fame on the web to preseve and share that history with the world. More news on that soon.