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As a magazine, it is our job to make you our readers aware of and report on all airbrush, custom painting workshops, and schools. Dru, Alina, Nathan, Airbrush Art Circus, Coast Airbrush, Marissa, Paul McDonald, Hugo World of Airbrushing, Chili-Air, Marcus Berlin-Airbrush, Gerald, Rafa, Brushmaster, and the list goes on.

I would love to be able to give you first-hand accounts of all of the workshops, schools but just like you have a limited budget to attendall these so do I. And a limited amount of free time just as you probably do.

So I have to ask each workshop, school (or students attending) to please make us aware of events and send us pictures, a short written overview of the event and we will publish it for you.

I have been asked to send magazines to be given away to many of the workshops. If we do this for one I feel obligated to do it for all. Please be patient the magazine will grow to the point this will be possible but right now it is not possible.

Our focus right now is improving the teamwork between Beata and myself to improve the magazine which started with the last issue. We had a hick cup with this last issue but it will not happen again. To get the magazine into Barnes and Noble and to attend SEMA with the magazine. Expanding the magazine into Europe making it affordable for artists there.

We support all the artist taking part in all the workshops and schools as instructors or students. Again I ask for your patience as we grow slowly to the point where all the above will be possible.

UPDATE – We created a Facebook group to just keep you updated in all the airbrush and custom painting workshops. Those holdong workshops can update their info as often as they want.

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