In this short little article, I will explain the best way to write a step by step article for your chosen piece of artwork. I have written 100’s of these types of articles over the years that I published on and in the old airbrush magazine I published.

Over one year, 6 issues we are unforunately limited to about 30 or 40 step by step articles so what weare looking for are the best of the best.


When you read a step by step article by another artist what did you like or dislike about the article? Was it too long with useless details that didn’t really pertain to the subject? Did it clearly explain what the process taking place in the picture was? Keep your experience reading other artists step by step articles in mind when you set out to write your step by step.

Start out by listing materials you use, the surface you are painting on and general description of the subject of the painting. Write a little bit about yourself, your history in creating art, as an artist. List your website address, social media pages.

Keep in mind artists with all levels of skill and knowledge will be reading your article. Try and cover the very basic’s for those fairly new to our artform while not boring the more advanced skill level artist reading it.

Take good pictures thru out your painting process. Have good lighting and a clear background so as not to distract from the main subject in the picture, and use the best camera you have. Take pictures at key points during your painting process. When done go thru all your pictures and chose 10 to 12 really good pictures. Sometimes it might be fewer pictures or more you have to decide how many pictures are required to completely detail your creative process.

PICTURES: THIS IS IMPORTANT !!! Please think about the pictures you take before you take them. Make sure you have very good lighting, you take the picture looking straight on to your subject. Not off to the side or so the subject is way off center, slanted, out of focus, etc. Try and fill the frame up with the subject so there is not a lot of space to the sides, top or bottom of the subject. Take your pictures with a white or solid light colored background please. For your final artwork, you might want to take it outside where the lighting might be better. These pictures represent you take your time and get the very best pictures possible. We need the highest quality, large picture, resolution you can manage.

Example: width 20 inches, height 30 inches. Pixel dimensions – width 3401 height 6200 pixels. Something like that.

We CAN NOT use pictures from the internet such as your Facebook page or Instagram, website.

Starting with the first picture write a paragraph or so about what you did in that picture. I recommend using an app like Grammarly to write your article in. Grammarly is a free online writing tool (app) and will check the spelling, etc. as you write. Be as detailed as possible in your description of the process you are following in the picture, photo.

Continue the process for every picture the same as the first picture.

Send me the pictures and text separate please or if you send the article as a PDF or Word doc with text and pictures embedded please send me the pictures separately also.

Writing a step by step I think is a great tool to help you examine the painting process you follow and help you grow as an artist.

Have fun with writing your step by step, write what you are passionate about in your art and you will find it really is easy to do.

Please use to send us the files. Text and pictures in one file, seperate but in one fileone wetransfer file please.

PLEASE – do not send your article as a PDF we can not use it. Text and images must be seperate….

If you have any questions, suggestions as always please feel free to contact me any time

Don Johnson
Airbrush The Magazine