#1 – I’m an airbrush artist and helmet painter. I created Airbrush The Magazine because of my passion for the art form of AIRBRUSHING and wanting to share the fantastic artwork created by the airbrush community. Unfortunately, you are stuck with no staff here at the magazine, just me. 

#2 – There is always an open invitation to all artists and custom painters pinstripers to submit articles regardless of what airbrush or paint you use. I’m, but one person is very hard for me to reach out to thousands of artists personally to invite you to be published. You can reach me at any time at

Role of our partner/ sponsors in what gets published or what to edit.

While it certainly is my job to show support for those companies that help pay the costs of publishing the magazine. It does not extend to the point where any pressure is applied or suggested on what to publish and who to publish in Airbrush The Magazine. And I thank those sponsors/partners for giving me a free hand in publishing the magazine.

Airbrush The Magazine is and always has been what you make it. By submitting articles, step-by-step articles, you shape what every issue will be.


 I edit articles to help make the article readable so that the techniques used in the article are easy to understand. Many articles are written by those whose native language is not English, so I do my best to translate that for English readers. To correct grammar and spelling, I also use a grammar program to check both. I realize many artists do not enjoy writing, and I encourage you to give it your best shot. Finally, I will use my long history as an airbrush artist to help you get your thoughts across clearly. Your article will be published as you wrote it just polished to enhance what you wrote. 

If you submit an article in which you intend to defame another artist or airbrush-related company, that will get edited out, or the article will not get published. I do my best to promote all artists regardless of such attempts. So the article might get published, but it is my sole discretion to edit out any effort to defame someone or a company.

Airbrush The Magazine will be what you, the airbrush, custom painting community make it be. Please support our sponsor/ partners who allow the airbrush custom painting community to have a publication free of outside influence.

Thank You Don Johnson