Help support the magazine and show your support by purchasing a magazine T-Shirt. We have set up a Tee Spring store, and all sales are handled thru Tee Spring. Thank you for your support.

long sleeve

Long sleeve black T-Shirt with magazine logo on back.

short sleeve black

Short sleeve black T-Shirt with magazine logo and airbrush artist on the back. Wear this and watch people ask you about being and airbrush artist, hopefully getting you some work.

instant artist white t shirt

Instant Artist Engergy drink white T-Shirt with logo on front and back

instant artist can

Instant artist can logo on front of white t-shirt

Instant Artist Coffee Cup

Our Instant Artist logo on coffee cup

artist loving the dreal t shirt

Artist Living The Dream, T-Shirt avaialbe in all sizes woman’s and mens style shirts as well as black shirt. You help support the magazine when you buy a T-shirt or coffee mug.