David portrait step by step was featured in issue 18, 2022.

I am Dave, 33 years young, come from beautiful Lake Constance in Germany. I work as a budding sports therapist and have always been artistically active, but it only started with me about 5-6 years ago when I discovered airbrushing. However, I have to admit, I started and stopped relatively quickly because it had not worked that way. Only after I had attended an airbrush course after about a year it really “clicked “ and then run without end. Since then, this hobby has always accompanied me and has become an integral part of my everyday life. Airbrushing is just such a fantastic versatile medium that it is just fun. A few years ago, I created a Youtube channel all about airbrushing, reviews, tutorials, quick tips, time-lapse, etc. Especially as a beginner, the whole thing can quickly become difficult, so that was my thought to make airbrushing easier for newcomers who can learn from my mistakes. I would be happy if one or the other stopped by. This Kratos will also be at the start as a tutorial.  

Greetings Dave …..Daves Art of Air:

artist david Kosak