SILVIA BELVISO step by step on painting wildlife portraits was published in issue 18, 2022

Silvia Belviso was born in Bari, Italy, in 1979. After obtaining her diploma as an art teacher at the “De Nittis” Art School in Bari, she immediately extended her artistic range by enrolling in the master studio “Ippogrifo” of the Italian master Peppino Signorile. Ten years of uninterrupted study in this “multi-expressive” studio allowed her to deepen and experiment with many pictorial techniques. In addition, this allowed her to participate in numerous solo and group shows, both national and abroad. She began her specialization in airbrush painting techniques in 2003 in Florence, then in Rome, where she actively collaborated with the Italian Airbrush Association. She continued her career as a painter/teacher and organizer of national art exhibitions for emerging and non-emerging artists. Since 2014 she has perfected herself in photorealistic painting at the Blair School of Art in South Carolina (U.S.A) with Dru Blair. Career: Graduated in Foreign Languages and literature with historical/artistic specialization. Professional artist, Art teacher since 2006.2015 Founder of the Art school “Voxart” in Bari, Italy. , Currently Art teacher and co-owner at the Blair Center for the Arts, Charleston SC.

Represented by Dare Gallery and Sandpiper Gallery in Charleston, SC.